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Bumble and Bumble

We are huge fans of Bumble and bumble hair products. Bumble and bumble is a haven for like-minded talent hairdressers, established by entrepreneurial stylist Michael Gordon in a salon on the fringe of New York's Hairdressers Row in 1977 where we clipped, combed, permed and styled our way into prominence with shrewd PR, a legendary editorial team, backstage access, a design ethic, a line of extraordinary products (as essential as scissors and comb)! Color Studio use Bumble and Bumble on our guest hair everyday, because the products produce GREAT results. If you’re unhappy with the results that you’re getting with your current products, come in for some recommendations. Not only will we recommend the right products, we’ll also share some insights on how to best use the products. We are the only salon in Lawrence who carries the whole line, in all sizes and flavors.

A note from Bumble and Bumble:

We are very careful about where we sell Bumble and bumble, and we choose only the finest salons, apothecaries and shops - places with friendly hairdressers and salespeople who LOVE hair and who LOVE Bumble and bumble. We do this because we make our products to be sold by experts who know our products up and down, backwards and forwards, inside and out.

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